Free Course to Create Value-Centered Goals

Are you falling short of your goals? Perhaps they are not designed in a way to be meaningful to you. This free course will teach you how to create value-centered goals that you will want to keep! 

We'll start with an exercise to determine what values are important to you. Then we'll set and refine a goal or two that you will be motivated to follow through with because it'll be something important to you! Finally, we'll figure out strategies and steps to make those goals happen.

I will be with you every step of the way to make sure things are going well. I'm always available for a free 30-minute consultation at or by email at

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What are your values, anyways?


If we're going to set values-based goals, first, we need to know what your values are. 

Design Achievable Goals

As you work through this next worksheet, keep in mind the values you discovered yesterday. 

10 Strategies

Now let's come up with some strategies to achieve your goal!

Make A Plan

Now that you have a strategy or two narrowed down, what are the steps to follow through with that strategy?

Circle of Control

As a bonus, I've included a video with one of my favorite tools, called the Circle of Control. 

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